Jefferson Bulk Milk Cooperative

Jefferson Bulk Milk Cooperative is owned by local dairy farmers.  Formed in 1964, a group of 11 farmers decided to join together for the purpose of marketing their milk.  As member ship grew they bought a cheese plant in Redfield, NY.  In 1970 the cheese store was opened to market their "Redfield Brand Cheese".  Today there are about 40 members shipping around 80 million pounds of milk per year.  This has an economic impact of $55,000,000 on the community. 

In 1985 Jefferson Bulk began to ship their milk to Great Lakes Cheese in Adams, NY and continues today.  The Cheese Store continues to sell NY cheeses and other local agricultural products such as maple syrup and honey.  On Fridays during the summer months they have a Farmers Market.  Visitors who mention the 1000 Ag Tour Tour receive a 10% discount at the Cheese Store.

Additional Info

  • Name: Jefferson Bulk Milk Cooperative
  • Stop Number: #44
  • Phone: 315 788-1122