Otter Creek Winery

Otter Creek Winery opened in April of 2007.  Philadelphia, New York has always been known as the birthplace of Philadelphia Cream Cheese and is now joined by great New York State wines…wine and cheese have always been a great combination! Northern New York has been an important leader in agriculture for the state but it wasn't until recent years that this northern climate was considered as a wine region.  Otter Creek winery is one of several on the Thousand Islands - Seaway Wine Trail and purchases grapes from local vineyards also located along the trail.

They have a 3 ½-acre vineyard on premises and our grapes produce a variety of nine different wines.   Frontenac, LaCrescent, Brianna and several other grape varieties are used to produce over 12,000 gallons of wines each year.  From dry to semi-sweet to sweet, there is something to suit everyone.  From grape growing to bottling, it is all done on site.  The owner, Kyle takes pride in the quality of his wines, and when the winery started he was one of the youngest winery owners in the state.

They’re open year round from 10 am to 6 pm daily. The beautiful tasting room overlooks the vineyards and the beautiful countryside.  Let them know that you’re following the 1000 Ag Tour and receive a free wine glass with a purchase. 

Additional Info

  • Name: Otter Creek Winery
  • Stop Number: 62
  • Type of stop: Wineries & Vineyards
  • Phone: 315-642-0622
  • Address: 33109 Rudes Rd Philadelphia, NY 13673